At VDPizza’s We Love What We Do

A precious gem in the heart of East Village.

Via della Pace Pizzeria isn’t for everyone but if you’re up for the full-on Roman pizza experience, this Restaurant is … The Place to Be !

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Food, Place and Atmosphere Matters

The real pizza is food, incon and ritual. Poor food and noble. Disc of festive dough, colored red. But it is also something more than a mixture of water and flour, seasoned with olive oil and tomato and baked in a wood oven. The pizza is made not baked. Born poor. You do with your hands and with the sole ability of the palms.

Fresh ingredients that make the flavor authentic !

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.


We are churning out a series of Must-Eat Colorful Pizzas. Yes, that’s right, colorful! Black, yellow, green, and red hues come as a result of a combination of 100% natural ingredients and a crispy crust cooked in Roman style in a wood-burning oven.